The age at onset of symptoms, the course of the disease, and the nature and severity of the manifestations vary from one person to another, including if they are part of the same family.

The most common manifestations appear in adulthood. Not all patients present with all the symptoms described below. They appear very gradually.

–  Migraine attacks with aura, that is to say preceded by visual disturbances.

– AVC (Cerebral Vascular Accidents) and their consequences: disorders of balance, walking, speech, vision, hearing…

– Cognitive disorders (attention disorders, executive functions, memory, apathy…) and mood disorders (depression…)

– Epilepsy

– Over time, the patient exhibits a motor and intellectual slowdown.

Are there any treatments?

Currently, there is no treatment that can cure or prevent the progression of the disease. A healthy lifestyle and the treatment of symptoms as they appear can improve the quality of life of patients. Smoking is a proven aggravating factor for the disease.